How to get a traffic control job in Melbourne, Victoria

Traffic controllers are mostly employed on construction sites but may also be used when road maintenance is being carried out or for public events when roads need to be closed and traffic directed.

A quick overview of a traffic control job

Traffic control, depending on your location can be a busy job or may prove to be boring in a quieter area. The job involves flicking a Stop/Slow sign and communicating with other workers on site via two-way radio. It’s an easy ticket to get and can be an entry point into a construction career if you don’t have qualifications or experience.

For people aiming to work and travel in Australia, a traffic control job is a popular way to earn money in a short period of time. For example, a job like this may suit people on a Working Holiday Visa travelling around Australia, or for nurses who want to get away from the pressure of working in busy hospitals for a while. However, in a traffic control job, you may still be on your feet all day!

Typical duties of a traffic-control job in Victoria

  • Signage and equipment: Setting up signs, cones, barriers, and other equipment to guide traffic flow safely through work zones.
  • Communication: Effectively communicating with drivers, pedestrians, and other workers to ensure everyone understands and follows instructions.
  • Safety measures: Ensuring the safety of workers, pedestrians, and motorists by following proper protocols and maintaining situational awareness. This includes wearing high visibility PPE.
  • Traffic control: Implementing traffic management plans by directing traffic using a Stop/Slow sign and keeping an eye out for potential hazards. This role ensures that traffic flows smoothly and without disruptions, preventing accidents and congestion.
  • Adapting to situations: Each day can present different challenges, from changing weather conditions to unexpected traffic patterns. Traffic controllers must be adaptable and able to make quick decisions to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
  • Be friendly with the public: Oncoming traffic or pedestrians may have something to ask, or to tell you. It’s important to remain friendly and answer them politely to ensure operations remain smooth.

How to become a traffic controller or lollipop man in Victoria

At EWS Recruitment, we require traffic controllers looking for work to have the following:

  • Drivers licence and your own transport.
  • Valid construction white card.
  • Own radio equipment ready to use on site. 
  • PPE of your own to wear on site. 
  • Have the relevant certificates ‘Traffic Control Stop Slow Bat (RIIWHS205E)’ which is a one-day course, and ‘Implement Traffic Management plans (RIIWHS302E)’ which is a 2-4 day course. Both courses will give you a ticket, valid for three years.

    What pay can you expect as a traffic controller

    • Hourly pay is typically between $32 and $36 per hour.
    • Traffic control can involve working irregular hours, including early mornings, evenings, and weekends, depending on the needs of the construction site or event.
    • The job may require standing for extended periods, working outdoors in various weather conditions, and occasionally lifting or moving equipment.
    • The downside is that traffic control work is not reliably regular, and you could work a couple of days one week and then not again for a week or more.

    Career progression to a traffic management position, opening new doors in construction

    Once you have experience as a traffic controller, you can upgrade to a manager position. This requires a two- to four-day course, and hourly pay will rise to between $36 and $40 per hour.

    Traffic management entails designing and implementing traffic management plans that comply with local regulations and guidelines.

    Available blue collar and white-collar jobs

    If you are interested in traffic control or traffic manager jobs, simply fill in the form below. Browse other construction jobs here.

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