Benefits of working in Landscaping

What is a landscaper?

A landscaper is someone skilled in crafting and upkeeping green areas across diverse environments. It’s a rewarding line of work, with plenty of time outdoors and taps into both plant knowledge and machinery expertise. As a landscaper you will operate a range of equipment, from chainsaws to lawnmowers, adeptly sculpt foliage and manicure large expanses of grass. Additionally, landscaping specialists work with smaller tools such as shovels and trowels to plant trees and shrubs. Often, it is the landscaper who translates client visions into tangible landscapes. 

7 Reasons to become a landscaper

When it comes to career choices, landscaping has a variety of benefits to people who enjoy the outdoors and have a passion for nature 

1. Opportunities for growth as a landscaper

Most people think that the landscaping industry has only short-term or seasonal jobs available, however there are also long-term careers in this industry. Experience, certification and qualifications make you more desirable as an employee, and open opportunities for larger-scale jobs and the potential to earn a higher salary. White-collar permanent landscaping roles include project management or project design. A degree in horticulture, arboriculture or landscape management is helpful for management jobs in landscaping 


2. Receive on-the-job landscaping training 

Typically, landscaping roles have minimal educational requirements, usually a high school diploma or GED would be all you need. On-the-job training is the basis of skill development in this industry, making it an attractive career path for those who prefer practical learning over formal education. Certifications are necessary to handle certain machinery and chemicals, this is often facilitated by employers once you have gained some experience. These certifications enhance your immediate job prospects and bolster your long-term career in the landscaping industry. 


3. Physical and mental health benefits from a career in landscaping  

This is a physically demanding job that entails tasks such as lifting heavy objects, digging and operating machinery. You will get a full-body workout daily without the need for a gym membership. Furthermore, as you will be working outside you’ll be soaking in the Vitamin D from the sun’s rays. And studies have shown that Vitamin D and sunshine are good for improving your mood.  

4. Variety of work environments 

No two days are the same in this line of work, ensuring the job remains fresh and exciting across a variety of workplaces, including private residences, commercial properties, and public parks. 

5. Community impact  

Landscaping plays a crucial role in enhancing the beauty and functionality of communities. By creating attractive outdoor spaces, landscapers contribute to the overall well-being of neighbourhoods and positively impact the quality of life for residents. 

6. Sense of accomplishment

Many landscapers have a creative flair and get great satisfaction from seeing a project come to life. Landscapers transform bare land into vibrant gardens or meticulously manicured spaces 

7. Connection with nature

One of the most obvious benefits of working in landscaping is the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. From planting trees to nurturing flower beds, landscapers enjoy a close connection with the earth, fostering a deep appreciation for the environment.  

Available blue-collar and white-collar jobs 

Working in landscaping offers a fulfilling career path that combines a love for the outdoors with the satisfaction of creating beautiful and functional spaces. Whether you’re drawn to the physicality of the job, the opportunity for creativity, or the chance to make a positive impact on your community, landscaping provides a wealth of benefits for those willing to embrace the challenge.  

So, why not dig in and explore the world of landscaping? Talk to the expert and friendly EWS Recruitment team and explore job listings here.   

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