Top 10 construction jobs in Victoria in 2024 

The construction industry plays a pivotal role in shaping our infrastructure and the world around us. As we approach 2024, the demand for skilled construction workers is set to surge. With a predicted growth of 5.8% in the next three years, around 66,400 new jobs will be created. This growth is linked to continued infrastructure investment at state and federal level, the growing demand for new homes, technological advancements, and an increased focus on sustainable practices. These are the top 10 construction jobs we predict will be in high demand in Melbourne, Victoria this coming year. 


1. Carpenter

A carpenter’s expertise in crafting and installing wooden structures, such as framing, cabinets, and furniture, makes them indispensable. With a surge in both residential and commercial construction projects, carpenters play a vital role in ensuring the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of buildings.

2. Electrician

From wiring buildings to installing lighting and automation systems, electricians are essential for ensuring the safety and functionality of electrical components. As smart buildings and energy-efficient technologies become more prevalent, the expertise of electricians will be crucial for successful project completion.

3. Plumber

Plumbers will continue to be in high demand in 2024, responding to the constant need for water and sanitation systems in both residential and commercial constructions. With the emphasis on sustainable practices, plumbers skilled in installing water-efficient fixtures and maintaining eco-friendly plumbing systems will be particularly sought after. As Melbourne expands, the role of plumbers becomes increasingly critical for ensuring efficient water distribution and waste management. 

4. Excavator operator 

In 2024, the demand for excavator operators is expected to soar due to a surge in construction projects requiring earthmoving and excavation. These workers are crucial for tasks such as site preparation, trench digging, and foundation excavation. With the construction industry expanding, excavator operators will play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient and precise groundwork, making them highly sought after in the coming year. 

5. Concreter

From foundations and driveways to intricate decorative elements, concreters are responsible for ensuring the quality and finish of concrete surfaces. 

6. Pipe layer

The increasing demand for housing and infrastructure projects translates to a heightened need for skilled pipe layers in 2024. As cities expand and new developments emerge, the installation of water and sewer systems becomes paramount. Pipe layers play a key role in laying the groundwork for these essential utilities. Their expertise is in high demand to meet the challenges of the ever-growing Victorian population. 

7. Civil formwork

Civil formwork specialists will be in high demand in 2024, driven by a surge in construction projects that require intricate concrete structures. As architects and engineers push the boundaries of design, the need for skilled formwork experts who can mould and shape concrete into complex structures will be crucial. These specialists contribute to the aesthetic and structural integrity of buildings. 

8. Skilled labour

The backbone of the construction industry, skilled labourers are needed to meet the increase in infrastructure development and housing projects. 

9. Bricklayer

As construction projects diversify, bricklayers will be crucial in laying the foundation for buildings, creating walls, and incorporating intricate designs. Their skills in working with various types of bricks and mortar make them key players in meeting the evolving demands of the construction landscape. 

10. Plasterer

Plasterers play a vital role in creating smooth and durable interior and exterior finishes. Their expertise in applying plaster and other wall coatings contributes to the overall aesthetics and longevity of structures.  


As the construction industry transforms, new skills become essential to meet evolving demands. The upcoming year holds promising opportunities across diverse construction specialties. Whether your interest lies in sustainability, technology, or traditional practices, there’s a rising demand for skilled workers to influence the future of the built environment. Pursuing or up-skilling in these sought-after roles positions you for success and stability in the dynamic field of construction, but also contribute to the continued advancement of the construction industry. 

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