What you need to be a moxy driver in Victoria

Overview of a moxy machine and pay rates

A moxy driver works on a construction site operating a vehicle of two parts, a cab, and trailer. The job is paid per hour and there are good prospects for ongoing work, as well as progression to learning other skills. Moxy operators earn between $36-$38 casually.

A moxy is also known as an articulated dump truck. The machine is one of the most common machines used on sites in industries such as mining, quarrying and construction for haulage of materials. Job efficiency is key to cutting down on cost and a moxy does this by carrying heavy loads and turning in tight spaces due to its smart design. A moxy has six large wheels with two attached to the cab and the other four as part of the trailer and can drive up to a speed of 40 km/h.

What are the responsibilities of a moxy driver

As a moxy driver you will typically do these duties:

  • Loading and unloading materials to transport to different locations on job sites;
  • Inspecting the load depending on what it is;
  • Safely and efficiently operating the moxy vehicle;
  • Carrying large and heavy loads that other machines don’t have the ability to do;
  • Maintaining a driver log to keep count of haulage records;
  • Carrying out maintenance checks on lights, tyres, and brakes on the moxy truck may be required to remain working efficiently; and
  • Communicate with other construction employees. To ensure efficient and secure operations, they might collaborate with staff members such as equipment operators, managers, and supervisors.

What do you need to become a dump truck or moxy driver

  • Good driving skills are required as operating a moxy can be on rough or steep surfaces, and it can be tricky when reversing and turning.
  • Flexibility to work long hours or travel to locations off the beaten track depending on location.
  • Previous experience of operating machinery is necessary due to its unique design of the cab and trailer only being attached together.

How to get licenced as a moxy driver in Victoria

  • A driver’s licence is required.
  • Obtaining a construction white card which can be completed in one day.
  • Holding a ticket or certificate which is nationally recognised. Courses can be completed for a moxy truck, articulated dump truck or rigid haul truck.
  • Courses take 1-2 days depending on competency. Practical and knowledge assessments are part of the course and can be completed at beginner and experienced level.

How to get a job as a dump truck or moxy driver in Melbourne and Victoria

Once licences or tickets are obtained, if you are interested in available jobs on our website, register your interest here.

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